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About Us

Our corporate secreterial services are characterised by the professional and personalised attention we offer our corporate and individual clients. Our services include all aspects of company formation such as incorporation, registration, and conducting company searches. Clients can count on our expertise and highest standards in corporate administration and secretarial services as required under the relevant corporate legislation.We offer a full range of corporate secretarial services including maintenance of statutory records, filing of statutory returns, preparing and submitting annual returns to the relevant authorities, provision of a registered office, and attendance at and preparation of minutes of board and general meetings.

We also provide services such as assistance in striking off companies, members’ voluntary winding up and scrutineer services

Our staff possess strong expertise and experience within the corporate secretarial field and have been specifically trained to meet such demands as may arise in this industry, as well as to provide appropriate responses to clients

Our staff responsibilities are also reviewed on a regular basis to ensure each members of staff oversees a manageable number of listed and non-listed clients.

Wong Yuet Chyn (Director)

Wong Yuet Chyn, ACIS, is a licensed Chartered Secretary and an Associate Member of the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. She has more than twenty (20) years of comprehensive experience in Corporate Secretarial practice overseeing Public Listed Companies and Multinational Corporations in various sectors including manufacturing, engineering services, electrical and electronics, and technology solutions.

She manages the organization’s comprehensive advisory services in respect of the constitution, charters, terms of references, policies, and procedures, as well as compliance with rules and regulations. She has actively participated in various corporate exercises such as Initial Public Offerings, Take-overs, Mergers & Acquisitions, Restructuring, and Fund-raising, Proposed Rights Issues, Private Placement, Proposed Diversification, Employees’ Share Option Scheme (ESOS), Proposed Variation of Proceeds, Shares Consolidation, and Capital Reduction.

Adeline Tang Koon Ling (Manager)

Adeline Tang is a Licensed Secretary with over fifteen (15) years of experience in company secretarial matters for a range of clients from private limited companies as well as public listed companies involved in a wide range of activities ranging from investment holding, trading, manufacturing, electrical and electronics, construction and property development companies.

She has actively participated in various corporate exercises such as acquisition of companies, private placements, rights issues, bonus issues, employees’ share option scheme, and the listing of major subsidiaries of a listed client on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.